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Sisters In Christ Worldwide

Emotional Wellness

Achieving Emotional Wellness

I have been writing and meditating plenty about emotional wellness. It is an important topic and so very complex; so many facets and perspectives to consider, equally capable of bringing us to a spiritual halt. Once this happens, all areas of our lives feel the negative effects. Still, we must consider the lessons. The decisions and changes made through and because of each difficulty, not only help shape our character, grow our endurance, and help us comfort others, but they also produce the need of expression through a specific talent God gave us.

How many love songs have not been written by a broken heart?! How many paintings were not inspired by an experience or feeling?! God doesn't waste our pain or passion. We may use it for good or for bad. May God help us choose the former. He can make a masterpiece out of our brokenness. The process is therapeutic in many ways.

What do we gravitate toward when we're facing a difficulty?

Is it time to pick up that paint brush you haven't touched in ages?

Is it time you write that book that's in your heart?

Maybe it's cooking; maybe it's drawing; maybe it's a craft; perhaps some sort of writing.

Without pain, some of the greatest creations we have seen, or heard would never have come to be! Some of the Psalms we love came out of King David's despair during troubling times! Unfortunate events are not desired, but the masterpieces God makes out of them are undeniable examples of God's grace and power.

From personal experience, I can tell you that most of the poems and devotionals I have written came from a struggle, or personal trial. It is when we are fully immersed in our experience that we can more easily convey, with depth and power, the emotions, fears, and hope that envelop, fill, and contain us.

Imagine the opportunities of sharing our testimony this brings if we write our songs, complete our drawings/paintings, or use whatever talent God has given us as an outlet for our emotions. Share it! Don't be shy, but if you are- do it anyway when the opportunity arises.

I am no Shakespeare of Edgar Allan Poe, but I've been writing for the love of writing since I was 11 years old. The thought of sharing still terrifies me, but I do it anyway, possibly because I feel more secure hiding behind my computer, ha ha! Baby steps, right?

That comfort zone isn't so comfortable when we look back and face regret. We must also remember that it's not about us, but whom we can possibly bless with what God has given us.

We want to be happy. We look forward to eternity, mainly because we will spend it with our Father, but also for the rest. No more tears, no more death or pain.

Until then, let's make good use of the spiritual growth opportunities our trials bring. God is not a God of randomness, wasted circumstances, or talent, but of purpose, order, redemption, and love. What a merciful Savior we serve. We do it all for His glory, not for our comfort; not in response to our fears.

In Christ,