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Guarding Your Heart and Mind

Guarding Your Heart and Mind

I'm raising two teenagers and often worry about the influence of the world on them. I have tried to explain in many different ways why it's important to keep some things of the world out of our eyes and out of our ears. They don't yet understand the long term consequences of peeking at something forbidden. They both give me the tired old line, "I don't listen to the words, I just like the music."

As an adult I know that things we let in through the doors of our eyes, or ears, can stay with us for many years. They can continue to plague us with temptation, and even cause damage to us spiritually. It is better to turn our eyes away, to turn the television, or radio off. It is better to get up and leave the room than to let the arrows of the enemy reach us and plant a poisonous barb deep into our hearts. 

Even adult Christians can get lax about being diligent to protect their hearts and minds. Christians today talk about their "liberty" to partake of this, or that. We live with one foot in the world and one foot in the church. But I think we have the wrong idea of Christian liberty. The Bible did not tell us that we have the liberty to pollute our hearts, and minds with the ever-increasing filth of the world. 

Loved ones, please "above all else, guard your heart and mind, for everything you do flows from it." Proverbs 4:23. Humans are such imitators. This tendency to imitate others was a gift to help us learn. But because of our fallen state, it is a handicap if not kept closely guarded. I pray that Christian parents, teachers, or loved ones of a young person, will guard your own heart and mind, and in turn teach those young ones to do the same. Let's be prepared at any moment to meet the Lord with our hearts and minds unhindered by the weight of sin. Blessings on you as you do!

Love, Christine Gonzalez