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Sisters In Christ Worldwide

The Lamb, the Lion, and The

The Lamb, The Lion, and The Man

Today as I knelt in the presence of God in worship, I saw Jesus in a way I have never seen Him before. As I worshipped, in the distance I saw a Lamb. He was laying on the ground as if dead. I slowly walked over to the Lamb, I knew it was Jesus the Lamb of God. Earlier in my prayers I was asking God to cleanse me. I felt an urge to touch the lamb, so I knelt and placed one hand on the body of the slain Lamb. As I did I became aware that blood was oozing from Him to make me clean.

All of a sudden out of the body of the Lamb stood a Lion. I still knelt, but this time was gazing at the figure in front of me, trying to make sense of it. The Lion and the Lamb were one. The Lion stood over the body of the Lamb but was merged into Him so that there was no difference between them. I could not see clearly the feet of the Lion because He was coming out of the lamb. He was beautiful, His mane flowed in the wind, as He stood strong, and from Him radiated a light. It was not too bright, or glaring, but a comforting, soft, light. Earlier in my prayer I was also asking God for strength and I became aware that the Lion represented strength and that Jesus Christ the Lion was my strength. I have His full backing, I can do all things through Christ. I was so happy with this realization I leaned forward, still in a kneeling position, and hugged the Lion. I pulled myself from His embrace and we both gazed into each others eyes. It seemed, in that moment, exuding from His eyes was an enormous amount of strength and I was becoming embolden, and confident, and strong.

The image began transforming again and this time out of the Lion stood a Man. The Man was the person of Jesus. There was now a three figured form standing in front of me. The Lion out of the Lamb, and the Man out of the Lion. I stood up facing the Man. I baffled at what He represented in the vision, so I asked. my understanding became enlightened as I heard a whisper. He is your Lord, and your King, so I bowed before my King.

A feeling of warmth and deep happiness surrounded me as I knelt there in recognition. I found myself saying, "my King and my Lord." I placed my right hand upon my breast with my head bowed in reverence. I was free because earlier I was asking God to be Lord of my life. Now here He is, standing before me showing me He is already my Lord, and that He is in total control of my life as sovereign Lord over me. What a freeing thought. I stood up and embraced my Lord and my King. The man before whom every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord.

I left His embrace because I wanted to gaze at the three figured image in front of me. I looked down at the Lamb at the bottom of the image, laying there, blood flowing freely from His side. There was nothing particularly stunning in the appearance of the lamb. He was just a lamb, laying there, slain. I looked at the Lion standing in all his strength and majesty coming out of the body of the slain Lamb, an overcomer, a victor, on whom death has no hold. Then my gaze went up to the Man. Risen to reign. My King, the one who is seated at the right hand of the Father. As I gazed at the Man my own image began to change. I was dressed in white, I was being transformed into His bride.

There we stood, the Lamb, the Lion, and the Man, and I as His bride was facing Him. I began to express how much I love Him. "I love you Jesus," I said. Aware that He was not only my Saviour, Deliverer, and King, but that He was my Husband. He will protect, provide for, love, and cherish me for eternity. He took both my hands into His and we stood there a while and then I was being transformed some more. Jesus was clothing me with His armour. Along with my bridal gown I was now wearing the armour of God. A full armour. He was preparing me for battle. I knew in that moment I was ready. He had made me ready for all of life's battles.

I understood that this vision was just an enlightening of my understanding, or a reminder to me that Jesus is my Saviour (the Lamb that takes away my sins), my deliver and strength (the Conquering Lion), my Lord and King (the Man who sits in glory). That He would never leave me, I am His bride, and I have His armour. He has already equipped me for battle. It's nothing I never knew before, but the image will now be etched in the forefront of my mind and it will be most difficult for me to forget.

Today I share this as a reminder. Jesus is as real to you as He is to me. He has not left you, He died for your sins, you are free. He continues to be your strength, your deliver, Lord, and King. Jesus Christ is sovereign. You circumstances, shortcomings, failures, and fears, must bow before the Lamb, the Lion, and the Man.

Gillian Henriques


Sisters In Christ worldwide

© August 2016

"There is no special place to meet with God, but some places are more special than others. The wooden table placed almost at the center of my work space, deliberately facing the window, is my perfect spot. He meets with me there each morning, almost as if we have an appointment. He communes with me, and as He speaks I feel compelled to write."

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