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Sisters In Christ Worldwide


The Woman Who Does it All

Looking back on my teenage years, I can remember seeing others who seemed to have it all together: girls and women who seemed to be living in their purpose and were admired for their achievements and involvement in important events.

I remember looking at them while I wondered, "How does it feel to be seen, admired, and for others to wish they were like you? How does it feel for others to feel honored to be seen with you and speak to you?"

I battled with thoughts of inadequacy and the desire to feel important. Did I truly matter? Did my life have a purpose and would it even make a difference if I weren't here? Did I matter to anyone outside my family enough that they'd even notice?

Undoubtedly, becoming a mother changes everything. Dreams may be put on hold, and priorities change continuously. But the woman inside us still wants to feel important and triumphant over her own obstacles. We may become dissatisfied with our lack of organization and feel inadequate in our own surroundings. Our own homes can suddenly become the source of self-condemnation. We want to do all. We want to be all. We may have periods of time in which we constantly critique what we do or don't do.

I didn't listen enough.

I didn't play enough.

I didn't cook enough.

I didn't clean enough.

I didn't bake from scratch.

I didn't look up from my computer (or phone) enough.

I should take the kids to the park more often.

I should be more respectful to my husband.

I should be craftier.

I should lose weight.

I should wash my bedding more often.

I should sweep behind the furniture more often.

I should sew hems and buttons.

So many thoughts form unrealistic expectations in our own minds. We compare ourselves with other moms that do the things we do not, failing to understand that they don't "do it all" either.

If we can identify those things that truly need to change, that will have a positive impact in our home, then yes, we should make those changes. Someone can inspire us to do better and be better without it turning into envy and condemnation.

Having unrealistic expectations of ourselves will not only discourage us, but will also prevent us from performing to the best of our ability in those things that we are doing.

So we are not speaking in public events, inspiring others - our main "audience" is our family and they are watching.

So we are not being admired by strangers who would love to shake our hand - what better joy than being looked up to by our very own children? They want to be like us!

So we may never have the perfect size waist, clean home, garden, career, or choice of talent - we have what we have by the grace of God Almighty! Do it all for His glory.

We must not dream of another time while neglecting the present, because the present will soon be gone and we will not have glorified God with it. We will not have given our very best to our loved ones. Find joy in the present, and you will enjoy the future more.

We don't have to do it all, but let's do it all with God, for God.

Prepare for those things you believe God has called you to, but don't attempt to make them happen all on your own.

"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven." - Ecclesiastes 3:1

You are enough. You are lovely. You are important. You are loved. You are admired.

Do not conform to the world's view of success and achievement. You are God's workmanship (Ephesians 2:10), and we know God makes no mistakes. He makes solutions for ours.


Cynthia Rey